J. Andrew Rogers
Pursuit of a Perfect Algorithm

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I do advanced work in databases, massively parallel systems, and algorithmic information theory, with occasional forays into narrow topics like hash functions and scheduling. This blog tends to be focused on areas of computer science interesting to me, from theoretical to practical, that are poorly covered in the literature. Occasionally, there will even be code.

Real-time analysis of multimodal sensor data models at exabyte scales is my domain specialty – building analytical models of physical reality. I’ve worked with every common sensor modality at scale, often blending several into a single coherent data model, for a wide range of industries and use cases.

The most interesting research I’ve done is on data structures and algorithms for manipulating high-dimensionality interval data types and discrete topologies. Think of a computer science where, instead of integers, the primitive types are hyper-rectangles of arbitrary dimensionality. This computer science continues to be a cornerstone of how my systems achieve exceptional mixed workload performance and join scalability in scale-out environments.

Just call me Andrew. The “J.” in my name is silent.