J. Andrew Rogers
Pursuit of a Perfect Algorithm

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The “J.” in my name is silent.

I do advanced work in databases, massively parallel systems, and algorithmic information theory. This blog tends to be focused on interesting areas of computer science, from theoretical to practical, that are poorly covered in the literature. Occasionally, there will even be code.

Computational structures and algorithms for interval data types and discrete topologies are a specialty of mine. Think of it as a computer science where the primitive operands are hyper-rectangles of arbitrary dimensionality instead of integers. Many of the high performance software systems I designed since 2006 were based on these structures. Their algorithmic expressiveness is a superset of the algorithms and data structures based on ordered sets most software engineers are familiar with and are highly parallelizable.

SpaceCurve is a startup I founded in 2009. It is a massively parallel spatial data platform purpose-built to index and analyze the physical world in real-time at extreme scales. Most parts of the software system were designed from scratch, are based on novel computer science, and as of 2015, are state-of-the-art. These include the database kernel, the parallel computational model, and the geometry engine.